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Dinosaur Foto Safari (FREE)

0.99 usd

FREE ACTIVATION CODES (Press BUY and then enter the code, follow link above) (taking the dino photographs takes a little practice):
Also the apps Laser Tennis, Skate Cat and Clash are free at the moment.
Dinosaur Foto Safari completely for free only now !!! Read more.
Each of the Free Google Play Codes below unlocks Dinosaur Foto Safari for free once. Take one from the middle and if it is already used try another one. Please, please, super-please rate 5 stars. Taking dinosaur images can be more fun then games with dinosaurs. even if it is a simulation.
- If you use this app upload a nice image that you have taken with this app to this website:
- You can not move the dinosaurs on the pictures. To give a more realistic feeling to the simulation and make dinos original size!- To make good dinosaur images with this "game" takes a little practice. If the camera is 5 ft, 1.5 meters over the ground measured from where the dino stands then the dino will be in its natural size.
One of the most fun dinosaur games. Get it if you want cool dinosaur games. Rather a dinosaur simulation.